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Register online now, call, email, or come in for more information on all of our available classes. If you are in Boca Raton or its surrounding areas stop in for a tour of the studio and to learn about our classes during any of our regular business hours.

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By submitting this form, you verify that you understand the following:
1. That tuition is to be paid the first of every month.
2. That I will be responsible for the full monthly tuition regardless of my child's attendance.
3. That no refunds or credits will be given for classes missed.
4. That the school reserves the right to alter class schedules, for any reason either temporarily or permanently, without fault.
5. That an interest rate of 1.5% per month will be charged on all charges in arrears for 30 days or more and a tuition late fee will be assessed for fees not received by the 10th of the month. That I will be responsible for all legal and collection fees incurred by the school should my account become delinquent.
6. That my child may be refused admittance to class if tuition payment is not made by the second class of the month.
7. That my child will be expected to participate in the year end recital program.
8. a) That for my initial recital fee, I will receive two (2) tickets to show, one (1) recital DVD, class picture in program, one (1) costume and participation in show and rehearsals. b) That I will be charged an additional fee for each additional class and/or child. Additional recital fee will include all above in 8a, but only one (1) ticket to show and no DVD.
9. That these recital fees will be refundable up to the recital fee due date (As posted in studio). Should I, for any reason, not be able to continue my child in the school after this date, these fees will not be refunded to me, nor will I be entitled to any benefits listed in 8 a or b above.
10. That my child will be participating in a physical activity; and as such, I realize there is an element of physical risk involved.
11. That any limitation in ability to participate due to any medical conditions past or present must be noted on this form.
12. That I will not hold the school responsible for any injury or situation arising from any injury either directly or indirectly.
13. That in the event of an accident, I will be notified first. If the school is unsuccessful in contacting me, they will call the person I have designated for emergency situations. In the event neither of us can be reached, I grant the school to act as guardian for my child and administer whatever first aid is required.
14. That all medical expense incurred will be at my own expense.
15. That all recordings including but not limited to video, audio, still pictures, motion pictures of any event including but not limited to recitals, rehearsals, dance acts, classes, demonstrations, remain the property of the school with all rights of ownership retained by the school.
16. That the school reserves the right to drop registrant from their register for any reason including a) Excessive lateness and/or absence, b) Disruptive behavior, c) Non-payment of tuition or other charges.
17. That in the event of any dispute between the school and myself, I agree to pay all expenses, including but not limited to legal fees and court costs, incurred by the school.
18. That if my payments are late, I will supply the studio with a credit card for all future payments (auto-pay).
19. That if I withdraw my child, I will notify the school by e-mail and remain responsible for all tuition up to and including the month the e-mail is dated.
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