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Registrations Have Begun!!! - Call Now - 561-488-1961

Registrations Have Begun!!! - Call Now - 561-488-1961


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Dance Studio

Dance Studio is a room in which dancers practice. The moniker is typically used to illustrate a space that has either been designed or furnished for the purpose.

A Dance Studio usually incorporates an even floor top or, if used for tap dancing, by a hardwood floor. The smooth vinyl floor covering, also known as a performance surface and commonly called "marley", is generally not attached permanently to the unrevealed floor and can be rolled up and carried to venues if needed.

In many cases the floor is pliable, meaning the construction of the floor provides a level of flexibility to absorb the impact of intensive dance exercise, like jumping. This is considered vital to assist good health and safety.

Other regular features of a  Dance Studio include a barre, which can be either secured to the wall or be a standalone move-able device that is waist height and used as a means of buttress. As music is an essential part of dance, nearly all dance studios have a sound system for playing music via a Bluetooth enabled device; a remote control is essential for the instructor to repeat music as needed. In purpose-built dance studios, it is typical for at least one wall to be covered by floor to ceiling mirrors, which are used by dancers to see their body position and alignment. Other essentials in any  Dance Studio are a table for teacher notebooks and other instructional materials.

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Ballet Boca Raton


Ballet has enchanted dancers and audiences since the 1500s. It originated in Italy, but it spread to France when Catherine de Medici married King Henry II and introduced ballet into the French court. Today, ballet dancers perform around the world.

If your son or daughter wants to learn the art of ballet, there’s no better place than Mrs P’s Dance & Arobatics Studio. We teach not only technique in Ballet, but also the terminology and etiquette behind this unforgettable dance form. Ballet Boca Raton

What Dancers Experience in Our Ballet Boca Raton Dance Classes

At each ballet class in our studio, dancers take part in the following activities:

  • Barre exercises
  • Center floor work
  • Across-the-floor combinations

As they master ballet techniques, dancers become better aware of their bodies. They develop advanced posture, style, and expression.

If your child isn’t sure which dance class to take, ballet is a good place to start. Ballet provides a core foundation for all dance styles. Thus, your child could use ballet as a springboard for jazz, contemporary, or hip hop. Or, he or she could continue in ballet to reach advanced performance levels. Ballet Boca Raton welcome.

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