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Children Ballet Classes

Children Ballet Classes is a tremendous way for kids to learn dance. With long history of ballet dancing, many of today’s great dancers started this way. Learning to dance in a group is fun, and your child can make new friends!

Starting Children Ballet Classes at a young age is very rewarding in a long run. Benefits of ballet for children are many.

First: it involves children in a constructive activity which they can enjoy for many years, even when they become adults.

Second: dancing releases kid's extra energy in a productive way.

Third: dancing provides children with a community of friends, with whom they socialize and interact in a positive, respectful manner.

Our 60-minute dance class introduces preschoolers to ballet and creative movement in an enjoyable, nurturing environment. The class is designed to develop children’s motor and social skills in a supportive setting. Instructors guide the students to learn in a way that makes developing movement, balance and listening skills fun.

This class instructs students to dance at their current level of mental, physical, emotional, and cognitive development. It gives children a strong foundation in dance while keeping the movement on a child’s level so that they are always having fun and mastering new skills. Our program is designed to be an effective, safe, progressive and developmentally appropriate way for preschoolers to learn dance.

Our progressively developed classes have served to enrich and engage children in dance and more! Our ballet classes help build a strong foundations in dance and movement. These skills benefit the dance students for later roles in life both in general applications and for transitioning into adult ballet.

Interesting facts about Children Ballet Classes: Facts & Ideas

  • Ballet began 500 years ago in Italy as a form of entertainment in the kings courts.
  • The first full-scale ballet was staged in Paris on 15th October, 1581.
  • The word Ballet comes from the word “dance” in Latin.
  • There are four levels of dancers in a ballet company. At the bottom is the largest group, called the ‘corps de ballet’. Next are the ‘corphees’ who lead the corps de ballet and sometimes dance the smaller parts. Then there are the ‘soloists’ who dance alone. And at the top are the ‘principals’ who dance the lead roles.
  • Pointe shoes are handmade. Their toe boxes are painted or "blocked" with glue, then baked in ovens to stiffen and strengthen them. Some professional dancers can go through 20 pairs of ballet shoes a week; in fact, some can wear out a pair of pointe shoes in one hour. On average, England's Royal Ballet troupe goes through 15,000 pairs of pointe shoes a year!
  • Before a ballet class you rub ‘rosin’ on your shoes to stop them from slipping. This is a yellow powdered crystal that comes from pine trees and is the same substance that cellists, bassists and violinists rub on their bows to improve their instruments’ sound.
  • A prima ballerina can complete 32 fouette turns (a complicated turn where they whip their leg around), while staying in exactly the same spot on the floor. After the turns, her pointe shoe tip is hot to touch and it is so worn out that it is only then used in rehearsals.
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