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Answers to common questions about Mrs. P's Dance & Acrobatic Studios Boca Raton
I don’t know in which class my daughter/son should enroll – how can I determine that?
If you are unsure, please use our Contact Us Form and we will contact you to talk through the choices.
Can I start a class in mid-season?
We have open registration throughout the year.  However, beginning February of each year our students begin to prepare for our Year End Recital.  Participation in our annual recital gives each student the opportunity to show off the results of their hard work by performing for their family and friends.  Costumes are ordered during the month of December.  Therefore, in order to receive a costume on time for recital, students should be enrolled no later then December 21st.  Students who register after December 21st will be subject to costume availability.
When is Jazz incorporated to a child’s curriculum?
Young dancers are anxious to begin jazz – America’s true folkdance. Jazz is exciting, energetic and fun combined with unique moves, fancy footwork, large leaps and quick turns.  Jazz showcases a dancers individual style and originality.
Why do you have a dress code? My daughter wants to wear a tutu.
We have a dress code for children because we want them to avoid the distraction of costumes and frills. It is also important for the teacher to see how the dancer is implementing the technical aspect of the dance being taught. Finally, it builds respect and discipline for the art form.

Dance & Acro

We know you might have some questions about your first dance lesson with our Dance Studio. Don't worry, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to put your mind at ease so you can get the most out of your first dance lesson

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Can my child makeup a missed class?
Each student can make up two (2) classes for the dance season 2017-2018.   There are no refunds for classes missed. Dancers may take a make-up class in the same or lower level. In case of planned absences, please advise the desk.  Make-up classes must be scheduled with the studio desk prior to taking class.  Missed classes cannot be shared or made up with another family member. 
Should my child take private lessons?

Class lessons are best for your child for he/she will learn to work in unison with a group. The competition between class mates is good for the dance student and will make them grow into a more enthusiastic dancer. Good work habits will be formed through the cooperation, teaching your child to live with people in harmony all through life.

Private Lessons here at Mrs. P's Dance & Acrobatic Studio are available for those interested. Privates are most commonly used to learn choreography and/or to play catch up on routines. 

What benefits will my child gain from dance class?

Your child is about to begin her dance education. Through proper training they will develop good posture, poise, proper body alignment and grace. Dancing will increase flexibility, improve coordination and introduce an appreciation for the performing arts.  Dance builds confidence and self-esteem.  A highly social activity, improving communication skills, working as part of a team and making new friends.  Self-expression will be learned through the most beautiful of all the arts.

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